104.26 M2 - 1,122.26 FT2 / 1 Bedroom - 1.5 Bath

This sophisticated 1 bedroom Terranova model provides a view of nature from every room. Giving a private and relaxing experience, and with a flourishing grass exterior cover, you’ll be insulated in any weather conditions.


140.31 M2 / 1,510.28 FT2 / 2 Bedrooms - 2 Baths

Take your living space to new heights! This 2 bedroom Terranova model is the perfect space for a family who appreciates their natural surroundings and who wants to make a positive impact on their environment by choosing a unique style of home.


193.69 M2 / 2,084.88 FT2 / 3 Bedrooms - 3 Baths

With intelligent energy management, high efficiency windows, and a green living roof, this 3 bedroom home provides a safe, secure, and stylish environment to call your own. It’s the perfect place to begin living a more natural existence with your loved ones.


264.02 M2 / 2,818.44 FT2 / 4 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths

Escape the bustle of city living and retreat to the wilds of nature in a home that puts your natural environment right outside your door. With our Murano home, you’ll get the best of both worlds with a spectacular mix of green living and contemporary comfort


319.72 M2 / 3,441.44 FT2 / 4 Bedrooms - 3.5 Baths

This stylish residence developed by high technology and sharp design brings people a conscious way of living, filling the experience with relaxation, high performance and nature.


197.12 M2 / 2,121.78 FT2 / 3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths

Calm and sophisticated with a youthful edge, this functional home is enveloped in light and comfort. High walls, insulated floors, and high ceilings create a style as timeless as the sparkling ocean view.