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We deliver an unparalleled and unique living experience. We strive to bring revolutionary green living technology that integrates with nature blended with significant technological advantages. These Homes are covered by soil and rich greenery, making them energy efficient and energy saving while keeping a balanced temperature interior that fosters restful sleep and rejuvenation.

Our Company

MDFM, in collaboration with partners from the USA, Mexico, and Spain, is dedicated to ushering in innovation within the construction sector. As a company, our mission revolves around conceiving and implementing cutting-edge technologies and biophilic construction systems, aiming to foster sustainability in the industry.

At the heart of our endeavors are eight patented inventions, designed not only to cater to the residential domain but also to encapsulate the essence of hospitality and agriculture.

Our overarching vision is to construct an experience that goes beyond mere sustainability, emphasizing environmental friendliness. This approach allows us to re-establish a profound connection with nature and actively address real-world challenges.


Kushal Kumar

Managing Director & Board Member

In our pursuit of shaping the future and constructing the world of tomorrow, we recognize that sustainability is imperative. With global climate change presenting numerous challenges, we understand the urgency of addressing environmental issues. Therefore, we are committed to integrating green technology into our practices. Leveraging our wealth of experience, technical expertise, and inventive solutions, we take pride in offering environmentally sustainable solutions tailored for the residential, hospitality, and agriculture sectors. In the face of these challenges, we are here to make a positive impact on the community by introducing nature-friendly products. We firmly believe that sustainable growth is attainable only when we generate value for our business partners, shareholders, and the wider community, contributing to a better future for all.

Advanced Modular Technology

To introduce a groundbreaking eco-friendly living technology to the GCC, seamlessly integrating with nature and offering substantial technological benefits. We provide an exceptional and distinctive living experience.

Our innovative FRP panel homes not only minimize carbon footprint but also envelop the structure with soil and lush greenery. This design renders them both energy-efficient and energy-saving, maintaining a harmonious interior temperature conducive to restful sleep and rejuvenation.

Impermeable to water and featuring pristine interiors, our environmentally conscious homes are constructed using modular components produced with cutting-edge fiber-reinforced polymer technology. These structures provide limitless design options, comfort, swift assembly, and utmost security, all grounded in professional engineering and construction expertise.

By amalgamating rapid, efficient, renewable, and waste-reducing technologies, materials, and construction methods, we craft exceptionally beautiful and futuristic designs. These designs seamlessly blend the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.


The photosynthetic capability of just 1 m³ of microalgae is comparable to that of 100 m² of forest in terms of carbon sequestration, while substantially contributing to oxygen generation, underscoring their environmental importance.

By reducing dangerous gases within health parameters, mineralizing viruses and bacteria, eliminating allergens and bad odors, and reducing interior pollutants, while generating oxygen.It offers 5 Solutions-

  • Permanently removes CO2, CO, GHGs, SOx & NOx (smog), and airborne VOCs.

  • It gives you health, well-being, and enhanced mental performance.

  • Photocatalytic UV-C sanitizes viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other pathogens

  • Generates biomass, for food, energy, and fertilizers.

  • By sequestering CO2, it generates real and verifiable offsets.

Green Architecture

Composed with recycled material and natural resins.

Customizable Interior Wall Finish

From cozy to elegant, you can paint, apply wallpaper, or any other material if desired.

Natural Lighting Interior

Large openings draw in light to reflect on curved surfaces to provide bright interiors.

Moisture Free

Insulated using earth and water sealed to create a completely dry interior.

High Strength Structures

Compliant with all International building codes.

Endless Design Possibilities

Create your own dream home configuration.

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